Paper Submission Process

Castillo de San Marcos


  • Single paper proposals, pre-organized sessions, discussion-focused roundtables, and other modes of presentation are invited.
  • All proposal abstracts will be refereed by the program committee.
  • All accepted abstracts and those full papers that go through a refereeing process (discussed below) will be included in the conference proceedings (available on DVD through conference registration).
  • Proposals should be prepared in the form of an abstract of no more than 500 words exclusive of references.  Links between the paper and proposed conference sub theme(s) should be indicated if possible.
  • A short biographical statement (500 words) or an abbreviated cv needs to be submitted with the abstract, including full contact information (address, email, phone and fax).
  • Proposals should be submitted via email.  Fax or mail should be used only as a last resort (if reliable email is not available).  Use of email for abstract, biosketch and paper submission will aid in preparation of the conference proceedings in a timely manner. Abstracts and biosketches/cvs may be submitted as a PDF. Papers submitted for consideration in the refereed proceedings will need to be in Word or a software that allows editing.

Send proposals to: